The Kaufman Presentation Coaching Program


Our approach to making memorable presentations is to apply the field of Impression Management to the practice of presenting to groups.  When individuals learn to take a positive and proactive approach to managing their impressions, they have less attention on themselves and they become a more effective and confident presenter.


Benefits of the Program

Participants will become more knowledgeable and confident in:


Length of Program

This coaching program is delivered in 4 individual coaching sessions of 90 minutes each for a total of $2,800 or as a one-day program for a group of up to 12 individuals for $8,500.



Karen KaufmanKaren Kaufman has coached thousands of professionals in the field of Impression and Relationship Management. Her commitment is to create an environment of trust and intimacy so that clients can both explore and accelerate their leadership capacity enabling them to leverage their impact, produce extraordinary outcomes for their organizations and exceed their role requirements.