Physician Leadership Coaching Program
To Meet the Leadership Challenges of Healthcare Reform

Physician Leadership Coaching Program Physician leaders who are committed to the best possible patient outcomes in large healthcare systems must begin to retool themselves to master a complex new set of skills. These new management skills include leading by values, organizing high-performance teams, communicating effectively and learning new management competencies that improve leadership impressions and relationships. These skills will be essential to align with the new parameters required to meet the leadership challenges of Healthcare Reform.

To be able to lead and to be part of a team focused on quality patient outcomes will require physician leaders as well as potential leaders to expand their sphere of influence beyond their traditional practice areas. They will need to engage themselves with the alignment strategy of the Healthcare System.

Our Physician Leadership Program addresses the issue of learning and developing behaviors that allow the participants to:


About The Kaufman Partnership Ltd.

Karen KaufmanDon KaufmanThe Principals, Karen Kaufman and Don Kaufman, bring their 25 years of experience in consulting and coaching senior leaders, Department and Division Chairs of large Healthcare Systems. They have also consulted and coached Partners in public accounting and law firms. The Partnership's unique approach in strengthening their clients' leadership skills is based on their pioneering research of the factors and the dynamics that define a leadership role. The clients' utilization of impression skills communicates a role of one who possesses the willingness and ability to lead. Both Karen and Don have Masters Degrees in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania.

For additional information or to discuss a specific situation please contact Don Kaufman at or Karen Kaufman 215-592-9709.