Nurse Manager’s Individual Coaching
& Mentoring Program

Nurse Managers play a key role in directing the efforts of staff, collaborating and coordinating effectively with peers, and providing superior patient services. They require not only technical skills and abilities, they also require an awareness of the impressions they make and the quality of relationships they develop.   For managers to be successful working within the healthcare system, they require well developed impression and relationship management skills to motivate, collaborate, build effective teams, delegate and provide timely leadership.  Throughout the years, in working with nurse managers we have seen increased effectiveness with team relationships and performance by focusing on these skills.

The Kaufman Partnership has developed this coaching & mentoring program to advance the communication and relationship management skills to leverage key managers.



  • Learning how the Nurse Manager is perceived by others.                
  • Adapting and upgrading leadership impressions to support the role.
  • Becoming more effective in identifying and developing effective inter-departmental       collaborative relationships.
  • Becoming more self-assured in utilizing crucial conversations in communicating with staff, peers, physicians and other healthcare providers.
  • Learning a relationship management system to improve communication and develop key relationships.
  • Creating and implementing an Impression and Relationship Management Plan



  • Step 1 - Karen Kaufman of The Kaufman Partnership will conduct up to three interviews those associated with individual.   
  • Step 2- Participation in the Impression Management for Leaders® one day program in Philadelphia.
  • Step 3 –Conduct twelve 90 minute sessions (for a total of 18 hours) over 6 months approximately every two weeks in person and by phone. Coaching & Mentoring will include specific tools that is relevant to a nurse manager’s role. Shadowing, a form of observation may be used as part of the coaching to see and provide timely input.  


To discuss potential candidates for this program, contact Karen Kaufman at 215-592-9709 or email



Karen KaufmanKaren KaufmanRole Development for Doctoral Advanced Nursing Practice has coached thousands of professionals in the field of Impression and Relationship Management. Her commitment is to create an environment of trust and intimacy so that clients can both explore and accelerate their leadership capacity enabling them to leverage their impact, produce extraordinary outcomes for their organizations and exceed their role requirements. Karen is a contributing author for six books. Her most recent endeavor is an academic book entitled “ Role Development for Doctoral Advanced Nursing Practice”, the 2011 AJN Book of the Year Award in the Advanced Practice category. Karen’s focus was on the importance of impression management as it relates to maximizing nursing leadership.