Developing Executive PresenceGreater executive presence can be learned and requires advanced competencies. Those professionals committed to discovering greater executive presence in their interactions will be able to elevate their leadership style and adapt to the organization dynamics and culture.

This is most critical at the executive level where key strategy decisions are made. Having an increased awareness of one’s approach, demeanor, communications and behaviors can be focused to achieve greater presence and performance. 

In addition, the competency of being more outwardly focused, aware of the dynamics that exist in key relationships and the intention to create new opportunities will result in an ability to connect in a confident, poised, sincere and optimistic manner. 

This program will focus on the increased influence available to professionals as they embrace and take responsibility for how others see them. This ability is both the art and science of Executive Presence.  Also, part of the role of an executive is the capacity to navigate complex business and social situations with ease and confidence.  Creating an inviting and conducive environment for others is an advanced skill to learn and convey. 

Executive Presence is a result of making consistent and positive leadership impressions.  The Kaufman Impression Management System will be introduced and used as a framework to identify and define key impression factors used to elevate executive presence. Once mastered, these competencies will allow each individual to elevate their leadership style and become more proactive and positive in managing their impressions in existing and new relationship opportunities.


The benefits of the program include:



The fee for the design and delivery for this one day in-house program for up to 12 participants is $9,500.

Open Enrollment is also available.

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Karen KaufmanKaren Kaufman, MSOD co-founded The Kaufman Partnership with Donald Kaufman in 1979. Karen is an Executive Coach, Consultant and Seminar Leader specializing in Impression and Relationship Management. Her goal is to create an environment of trust and intimacy so that clients can explore and accelerate their leadership capacity enabling them to leverage their impact and produce extraordinary outcomes for their organizations. Her coaching expertise includes executive presence and communication, effective impression and relationship management, the power of perception in organizational dynamics, leadership acceleration and being a catalyst for the possibility of organizational transformation. Karen has coached executives and talented leaders in large scale healthcare systems, global manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical industry, international financial services firms and global specialty chemical companies.

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