The Kaufman Executive Coaching Program

The Kaufman Executive Coaching ProgramThe new generation of leaders are those that can motivate, inspire and engage as well as drive business results..

In today’s organizations there is an increased emphasis on employee engagement. Leaders and managers are expected to build a workplace that attracts, engages and retains high performing talent. As a result this ability becomes an added measure of their success.

Experience has shown that people communicate their proficiency by adapting and relating well by developing and managing relationships.

The Kaufman Partnership provides Executive Coaching on Impression and Relationship Management, two components of leadership development often overlooked. Our program provides guidance and support to executives and professionals that strengthen their existing roles or prepare them for new roles of higher responsibility. Clients selected for our coaching program have high levels of technical skills and abilities and need to develop higher levels of relationship skills to effectively create an atmosphere of trust and respect to achieve that added measure of success.


The Coaching Process

The coaching process begins with an initial contact by the Designated Client or the Corporate Liaison. Goals are outlined to determine coaching suitability and a meeting is arranged. The coaching begins with a two-hour meeting with the Designated Client to clarify and prioritize goals and to review the coaching agreement.

The Kaufman Impression Management System™ and Relationship Management System™ are used as assessment and evaluation tools. From these assessments, a development plan which delineates impression and relationship management strategies is created by the client and coach.

The client and coach will meet in person or by phone for one or two hours at least every two weeks. Coaching is concluded when all goals have been met to the satisfaction of the Designated Client, Corporate Liaison, and Executive Coach.