Impression Management for Clinical Teams
E-Learning Program

Impression Management for Clinical TeamsHospitals and their clinical teams committed to increasing patient satisfaction must be knowledgeable about the impressions they make and how that impression affects the perceptions’ of their hospital experience. Patients all have expectations about their care. To make improvements with satisfying patients requires clinical and administrative teams to consistently make favorable impressions, that meet or exceed patient expectations. Today more than ever, clinical teams must learn new impression management skills and understand the importance of the impressions they may unwittingly make with their patients and families.

To be successful and to meet the incentives established by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), clinical teams will be measured on the quality of care as perceived by their patients. Patients will be responding to the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers survey (HCAHPS) that will be providing an appraisal of how effectively nurses and physicians communicated with them, and how quickly their needs were met.

In over 30 years of working with people to increase their professional competence, we have learned that by investing time in effectively managing impressions and developing empowered relationships, professionals develop a better understanding of themselves and their impact on others. With this foundation new insights can emerge about what is required to have a more productive connection with others, both patients/families and with clinical staff or other disciplines. Our impression management program will enhance the ability to adapt to the pressures that will build with increased demands for improved performance measured subjectively by those receiving care.

The Impression Management for Clinical Teams® program for hospital and clinical professionals addresses the issues and develop skills that enhance effective mulit-disciplinary teams. The program provides strong support for initiatives focusing on improving (HCAHPS) scores.

The program is designed as an eLearning Program and is delivered in 4 on line sessions that include the following:

1. Standards of Impression and Relationship Management
2. Organizational Roles and Values
3. Performance Communications
4. Leadership


Program Fees:

The cost of the program is based on the number of participants and ranges from $250 to $750.00/ participant.

The Kaufman Partnership, Ltd. pioneered the field of Impression and Relationship Management in organizations. They have enhanced the performance and leadership success of thousands of professionals.

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